About MXMS

MXMS Scanning was born from a need. A need for people to stay as safe and distant as possible during this pandemic. We wanted to provide business owners a safe way to show their properties and sites to clients and lose very little over an in-person experience. For our realtors, we wanted to give beautiful, immersive walkthroughs of their properties, without sacrificing details, nuances that make a listing unique.

For our architects and contractors, we wanted to help them limit onsite visits, but still give them the tools to help their designers and architects get the measurements they needed and ‘Digital Twins’ they can immediately import into various tools of the trade. Think 3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD.

We wanted to give AirBNB hosts the ability to limit their contact with potential guests and save time from on site visits, but still show them all the uniqueness their space had to offer.

It doesn’t stop there. We scan local watering holes to showcase the character and ambience and your mom and pop shops to showcase their specials and give info that shows why they deserve their communities support.

We do this to do our part in keeping people safe as possible in this trying time. It’s new for all of us, but if we find new ways to do old things, maybe we can come out this on the other side and get back to normal. Maybe that’s a new normal, but if it’s one that keeps us safe, we’re all for it.

– R